Prices We Pay

A soul must be traded for the fame,

To get those likes, comments and shares.

I can only imagine that’s how you justify it,

The knife you placed so delicately in my back,

The wolf in sheep’s clothing, and I, your sacrifice.

Now I’m no longer a threat, or an ally, I wonder-

How lonely you must be sitting on your throne,

But my question is, was it worth the price you paid?

My Throne

Don’t you dare take credit for me,

Not even my mother has that audacity,

And yet she bore me into her arms,

I dragged myself through hellfire,

Cried, screamed and howled at the pain,

Still finding times to laugh in the ruins,

The only thing you’re guilty of –

Is trying to strip me of my power,

Turn me into a puppet of your creation,

Devoid of all life and miserable to the core.

I’m just glad I had the sense to say no,

To run into the wood and into the night,

And reclaim what is rightfully mine.