Moments In The Sun

I crave sunsets with you,

Early morning coffee dates,

Talking until three,

Laughing until we cry,

Holding your hand and being held,

If I have to weather a hundred storms,

I will do that by your side,

So we can have more moments in the sun.

Prices We Pay

A soul must be traded for the fame,

To get those likes, comments and shares.

I can only imagine that’s how you justify it,

The knife you placed so delicately in my back,

The wolf in sheep’s clothing, and I, your sacrifice.

Now I’m no longer a threat, or an ally, I wonder-

How lonely you must be sitting on your throne,

But my question is, was it worth the price you paid?

Freckles Like Stars

There are freckles on my skin,

That are constellations of the sky,

Holding promises of a map,

A path to follow or one to stray from,

Only I know what road to take,

So I am grateful of each star that adorns me,

For I am the adventure I waited for.


The sky is crying with me tonight,

I feel stripped bare and naked,

Vulnerable to every sound made,

I don’t know where I’m going,

But if I can heal from the past,

I know I’ll see another dawn,

I am raining now that I am alone.