I am angry at taking the high road, 

While you provide court like a jester, 

Using my name to buy you laughs,

What I wouldn’t give to drown you out,

Let bitter words fly from my tongue,

Burn the vipers’ nest to the ground,

I’m tired of being the hero,

Waiting on that one just day,

For the truth to finally out you as a liar,

So I’ll bide my time and play with matches,

But one wrong move and I’ll set you ablaze.


I never knew when you left me,

Was it the Tuesday that poured with rain?

Maybe the Wednesday we watched cricket.

I didn’t think it would happen at first,

We were inseparable, all those memories and stories we made.

But I’ll always remember the last words you said to me:

Don’t call me that! I’m not your granddad, love. 

All those years together had disappeared,

I wasn’t your little solider anymore.

We had become strangers to each other,

Was it this moment, I ask, that it had stolen you from me?



You’re clouding up my mind,

A fog has descended,

It’s like I can’t escape it,

The words you spoke,

I disappoint you,

I ruin everything I touch,

Why couldn’t I be normal?

I am so destructive,

So, I stand there, in front of you,

My judge, jury and executioner,

With no excuses coming to me,

Maybe you’re right?

I have to change, to finally please you.