Moments In The Sun

I crave sunsets with you,

Early morning coffee dates,

Talking until three,

Laughing until we cry,

Holding your hand and being held,

If I have to weather a hundred storms,

I will do that by your side,

So we can have more moments in the sun.

See the best in yourself

I have been known to be a perfectionist, mostly with words, but often with myself. I’m my own worst critic and biggest doubter. It’s taken it’s toll on how I view myself. I’d be the first to put myself down, to prioritise others over myself and my health; and I no longer see the boundary in learning to laugh at myself or beating myself up for my shortcomings. I tend to find humour as a way to list my faults so no one can beat me to the punch, and it’s often a way to encourage others to treat me differently. If that’s how I see myself, why shouldn’t others? It was always okay because it was a joke, or perhaps I was, but then one day I stopped laughing.

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When reflecting, learn to take note.

Part of my efforts this year, was to take a moment to reflect. I went from one thing to another, that at times, things tended to fly by in a blur. My efforts and progress weren’t really appreciated or celebrated. I wanted to take more time to do that this time around as well as continue moving forward. My plan to achieve this was to take a moment to think about what I need to work on. By doing this, it’ll create a more healthier perspective and environment for me so that I can stop and smell the flowers once in a while.

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I, the moon to your Earth,

Our love like an orbit around each other,

You have seen me through my phases,

Without question, you continue to be by my side,

Whether I have been whole or only half,

Your love has kept me turning anew.

It has stood unwavering and constant,

Yet in return, I want your waters to flow,

My hope is that they runneth over you,

To bring you upon a new shore,

A land of adventures to hold dear,

One I hope we’ll see together,

You, the Earth to my moon,

How I love thee.