See the best in yourself

I have been known to be a perfectionist, mostly with words, but often with myself. I’m my own worst critic and biggest doubter. It’s taken it’s toll on how I view myself. I’d be the first to put myself down, to prioritise others over myself and my health; and I no longer see the boundary in learning to laugh at myself or beating myself up for my shortcomings. I tend to find humour as a way to list my faults so no one can beat me to the punch, and it’s often a way to encourage others to treat me differently. If that’s how I see myself, why shouldn’t others? It was always okay because it was a joke, or perhaps I was, but then one day I stopped laughing.

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Why are making memories important?

I tend to put a lot of emphasis on making memories, especially of late. It could be said that life is fleeting, and all we really collect is memories we store in jars in our soul. Money, objects and sometimes people can be so temporary. A story or a memory can be somewhat permanent. I remember running through trees, having a secret hideaway, concerts, dates and laughing till I cried. It sounds so poetic that a part of me would love it to be this realisation that sparked my curiosity, but it wasn’t.

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Cat got your tongue?

A lot can happen in a year or so, yet as a writer, I feel as if I keep running into the same roadblock time and time again. There’s an endless outpouring of thoughts and creativity, but they seem to die on my tongue before I have chance to say them, let alone write them down. Another crisis of confidence, one might assume, but is there more to it?Read More »