I miss you

I miss you in:

Every day, hour, minute,

The moment isn’t the same,

I know you should be with us,

But you were snatched away,

And all I can think is how I have-

All these stories that were never mine to tell.

You don’t look ‘disabled’

A common thread I see a lot, and I am not sure if it’s ‘Blue Car Syndrome’* or not, but there seems to be such a negative steer against those with disabilities. Particularly, those who are considered ‘ambulant’ disabled*. Since my diagnosis in 2019, I’ve had a lot of this negativity pointed directly at myself so I wanted to set the record straight on what it looks like to be disabled.

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Disability & Me

My partner and I were talking today about people’s opinions when it came to disability. Talk of how law should change to reflect and encompass what it means to be ‘differently abled’ and how that affects how you’re seen to others. Most importantly how you’re seen to those who aren’t walking a mile in your shoes.

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