Try not to be afraid of the dark

There are always opposites in life, the good with the bad as well as the light after the dark; and it’s oddly beautiful how we manage to balance them. So why is one seen as more desirable over the other? When both offer us something different and precious. It’s time to stop feeling scared of the dark.

As a child, I used to have an irrational fear of the dark. Scared of what lay within in, the monsters creeping out from under the bed. I’d always run to my sister and crawl in bed with her, but I did grew out of the fear. Eventually finding something in the dark, only it wasn’t a nightmare, more like beauty. Here’s what I found in the dark:

1. Starry skies that weave stories for our dreams

A slightly obvious choice, but one I’ve always been fascinated with; especially when you add stories to them. I love searching for constellations, shooting stars and seeing the international space station blink by. From my partner’s kitchen window, on a clear night, we’re lucky to see the Big Dipper. My mum and me tracked the journey of the space station and gave it a wave as it passed by; another night, we managed to see meteors flash by. All passing by in awed silence.

2. The storms pass by, with howls and rumbles, while the rain sings

Thunderstorms are my favourite. Wrapped in a duvet, warm and cosy, as the rain taps on the window. In the distance, the rumble of thunder starts and an occasional flash of light. It’s strangely peaceful to watch a storm pass by, as you’re wrapped up like a marshmallow in bed – the perfect balance; and I find that it clears away the cobwebs, the build-up of stress. It’s a breath of fresh air.

3. Whispered conversations and setting the world to rights

Before me and my partner sleep, we lay in bed talking about random thoughts and giggle away in the dark. If it’s been a particular stressful or bad day, we console each other and whisper ‘I love yous’. There’s something so tender in those moments that I cherish them, just as much as I do our adventures and dates.

“Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.” – Walt Whitman (1819-1892), US poet.

4. It offers peace and quiet after a day filled with noise

I work a typical 9-5 office job. It can be a noisy and bustling environment; and I suffer with migraines a lot as a result. It’s nice to come home and sit in quiet, meditate and reflect on the day. Calm the mind and the noise to rest.

5. Glimpses of nature, how they dazzle

I’m mostly based in the city, working, commuting, exploring. I live just on the borders, where the city melts away to villages and countryside. Bats, owls, fireflies, hedgehogs and foxes – I’ve seen or heard them all as I’ve sat with a cuppa by window.

I think there can be beauty in the most unexpected places. Sometimes you just need to stop and look.

Hedgehogs have always been my favourite.

~ E

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