Happy Place

I never understood the concept of a ‘happy place’ before, mainly because there’s always more than one place that will hold happy memories for you. But lately I’ve come to understand where and why my happy place is what it is. 

My ‘Happy Place’ is my bedroom, which is understandably underwhelming when there’s a whole world out there filled with such amazing scenery to act as a perfect backdrop for happiness and serenity.

But I’ve come to understand that sometimes, there is nothing in the world that can beat your home comforts; and I know there have been times when I’ve been out but have been desperate to crawl back into my bed and curled up under the duvet for some much needed shut eye – especially after camping in a field (and somehow always on top of a large and pointy rock). Nothing beats your own bed, or your own space even.

My bedroom is my little sanctum against all the chaos that is the world outside and, of course, all the bad cups of tea. It’s a place where I can unwind to music or by reading a book, or simply writing at my desk.

I feel the most relaxed lounging on my bed with my headphones in, a cup of tea cupped in my hands and music swirling around my brain. I’ve always appreciated this period of stillness, and to be truly and utterly in my own company, so that I can recharge my batteries.

I think that’s why people choose to have or think about their ‘happy place’ because it’s a small vessel or vial of escapism from the real world, away from the burdens of work or the other pressures or stresses we have.

It gives us time to unwind and for a few moments not think about what’s next. To stop thinking about what they need to do at work, to stop reminding themselves to pick up teabags or to speak to someone about something.

To be in your ‘happy place’ gives you time to just be, to be still and pause for a breath because sometimes, it’s nice to just sit down with a nice cup of tea in a comfy spot without worrying about work, friends, family or anything else you juggle with on a day-to-day basis.

Signing off from my Happy Place,

– E


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