I have so much I wish I could talk to you about, 

So many stories to share and memories to make;

I wish I could tell you about my first day at work, 

Or how I’ve been thinking of learning something new, 

How I followed your advice and saw more of the world. 

I’d even talk to you about the weather when I ran out of news to share. 

Hear you chuckle and reminisce over days gone by, 

Share a table outside on your bench, a cup of tea in hand, 

We’d watch the world float by on clouds, 

I’d give anything to hear you over the silence I’ve had since you left. 


Sitting across from me,

Palms on the table,

Eyes blank and searching,

I wish you’d just say it,

Tell me you’re sorry,

Even if you’re not,

So we can try again.

Our Place

I used to stop by that place,

Memories of that night-

Haunting me like ghosts,

Only when they flattened it,

Did I know I could move from that spot.

I miss you

I miss you in:

Every day, hour, minute,

The moment isn’t the same,

I know you should be with us,

But you were snatched away,

And all I can think is how I have-

All these stories that were never mine to tell.

I’m yours

The way you hold my hand,

I’ll never forget your smile,

Or your laugh that dances with mine,

How we talk late into the night,

When I’m wrapped in your arms,

That’s when I knew you stole it,

Heart, body and soul,

I’m yours.

Passing The Time

I imagine all the conversations we’d have,

These silly in-jokes and laughing over nothing,

Then I realise we’ll never have that,

You don’t see me in that way,

I’m just someone to pass the time with.