I’m yours

The way you hold my hand,

I’ll never forget your smile,

Or your laugh that dances with mine,

How we talk late into the night,

When I’m wrapped in your arms,

That’s when I knew you stole it,

Heart, body and soul,

I’m yours.

Passing The Time

I imagine all the conversations we’d have,

These silly in-jokes and laughing over nothing,

Then I realise we’ll never have that,

You don’t see me in that way,

I’m just someone to pass the time with.

Talk to Me

Why don’t you talk more?

They ask me, and when I do,

No words fall from my mouth,

It’s not because there aren’t any,

There’s a universe of them inside me,

I just know that none of it matters,

They’re not the right words to make you stay.

Disability & Me

My partner and I were talking today about people’s opinions when it came to disability. Talk of how law should change to reflect and encompass what it means to be ‘differently abled’ and how that affects how you’re seen to others. Most importantly how you’re seen to those who aren’t walking a mile in your shoes.

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